About The Revival

The Revival, under the direction of Pastor Jason R. Bryant and First Lady Shante Bryant, is a ministry where souls can be revived and renewed through the Power of Worship, the Word of God, Discipleship, and Technology (The Experience). We are a non-denominational church with a belief in the Pentecostal experience. We worship the One and true living God and embrace the New Birth process. The goal of the Revival is to make Disciples by teaching the Word of God, and our vision is to bring Revival to a dying world. Our mission is to revive the individual in mind, body, and soul through The Experience (Worship, Word, Discipleship, and Technology) causing them to be confident in their faith and light to those in their community, city, and abroad.

We worship the One True Living God.
We walk and live by God’s word.
We seek to Grow people to serve God.
We utilize the tools that spread God’s Love.

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What Do Our Members say about The Revival?

Best Church Environment I’ve ever experienced, which is vital for the growth of young people in church! No more feeling like an oddball or feeling weird! Praising God is normal for the younger and older attendees of The Revival!
Tarcea Willis, Member of The Revival
Great worship, great word, great fellowship!!!
Tonda Faulker, Minister at The Revival
The greatest place to find spiritual growth, great teaching of the gospel and a sense of belonging and love!
Stacee Ferguson, Member of The Revival
I love my church! !!!
Stephon Greenlee, Minister at The Revival
The Revival Church is TheBomb Dot Com! If you’re thinking about Visiting, COME SEE 4 YOURSELF! JESUS is the Main Attraction!
Joshua Golden, Youth Pastor at The Revival
The Revival Is the best church I’ve ever been to.
Cortez Willis, Member of The Revival